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                                                              Model: ZB-0.08/8-B24 ZB-0.08/8-B50
                                                              Direct driven air compressor is a new generation of mechatronic product which makes motor high efficiency. It can be widely used in the field of home job.indoor&outdoor movement job.such as decoration, nailing, painting&spraying, repairing and so on.
                                                              1.Powerful pump with big tank
                                                              2.Metal handle and big wheels for easier transportation
                                                              3.Double universal quick coupler with double pressure gauges convenient for
                                                              customer to operate.

                                                              Product Performance

                                                              Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement
                                                              Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimensions
                                                                KW HP R.P.M L/min C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
                                                              ZB-0.08/8-B24 1.5 2.0 3450/2850 185/153 6.5/5.4 8 115 24 6 25 58.5x28.5x63.5
                                                              ZB-0.08/8-B50 1.5 2.0 3450/2850 185/153 6.5/5.4 8 115 50 12.5 35 73x33x69
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