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                                                              Model: W-0.36/8/ZZ
                                                              ZZ Series Characteristic
                                                              ZZ Series Belt -Driven air compressor adopts advanced technology such as CAD,
                                                              CAM. Large crankcase ensure that the machine run more reliable. The oil consumption is only 1/4 of the National standards and The noise is 8dB (A) lower than the national standard. The streamlined cylinder s cover and cooling fan can lower the temperature quickly and save energy.

                                                              Product Performance

                                                              Model Numbers Power Speed Air Displacement Max Pressure Tank N.W Dimensions
                                                                KW HP R.P.M L/min C.F.M Bar Psi L Gal KG LxWxH(cm)
                                                              W-0.36/8/ZZ 3 4 1100 360 12.7 8 115 120 31.2 177 136x57x94
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